A simple bookkeeping book. Small fresh interface design. No registration, data local storage, more secure!


local data storage, more secure.

Fast bookkeeping

simplified operation, integrated addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of the input method, so that it takes less time to write down an account.

Multi-ledger support

life, work, travel, baby special fund... Each scenario can be recorded in a separate ledger.

Multiple account support

either cash or credit CARDS, or virtual currency accounts can be managed one by one.

Multiple members

expenses, whether on yourself or on your wife, children or parents, can be categorized separately.

Multi-currency support

supports the management and conversion of most international currencies, virtual currencies and their exchange rates.

Asset trend

provides the variation trend of assets and net assets within the date range.

Transfer between accounts

a small feature, but closer to the real money movement scenario.

No Ad

We don't want to spend time on it.

The inspiration comes from words :" unpretentious ". The author's understanding of tool software: first, it is a tool, the value of tools lies in its effective and reliable problem solving. As a tool even out of the network,even out of the crowd even in the navigation of the ship or the mountain without people should be able to use. In a variety of online version of the popular products today, boldly launched this offline version of accounting software, tools back tools, let the service and variety of environmental factors to remove the coupling. Pure and reliable bookkeeping,tracking spending and Budget.


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